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 College Football USA 97 

Sega Genesis

Sports - Football


EA SPORTS kicks off an all new season of college football, featuring the brand new Create Player, custom schedules, all 111 Division 1-A teams and the Nokia Sugar Bowl, site of the 1997 National Bowl Alliance Championship Game. Does your team have what it takes to go the distance? Ride your mammoth offensive line all the way to the end zone. Authentic College Playbooks: The Wishbone Create yourself and walk-on or bring in the ultimate bluechip recruit for your school. New diving grabs. Do you have what it takes? Chart your course to the Nokia Sugar Bowl with the USA TODAY / CNN Coaches Poll. Drop back, read the coverage, and let'er rip. NEW FEATURES - Create Player - Custom Schedules - Catching animations - leaping and diving grabs - USA TODAY/CNN Coaches Poll & Sears National Championship Trophy - Current Team and Player ratings by Anthlon Sports - Tie-Breaker Mode - 2 difficulty settings THE PROGRAM - All 111 Division 1-A teams (4 new teams) - 4 Blockbuster Bowls: Nokia Sugar, Rose, FedEx Orange, and Tostitos Fiesta - 8 Conferences, including: ACC, WAC, Big 12, Big 10, Big East, Conference USA, SEC, PAC 10 Adjustable Penalties Custom Tournaments for 4-16 players

College Football USA 97

SKU: 014633077162
PriceFrom $5.99
  • Not Rated (NR)

    *game release prior to creation of ESRB

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