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 Extreme Sports with the Berenstain Bears 

Game Boy Color - GBC



Go for Gold with the Berenstain Bears! Join America's favorite bears in six extreme sports in the snow, the river and the dirt! Play Brother or Sister Bear in exciting sledding, biking, freestyle, kayaking and dirt boarding. Take the family through challenging tobogganing and rafting courses. Have some outrageous fun as you race against the clock for the all-round extreme sports championship! - Airborne stunts stop the clock! Go faster when you execute a Superman, Table Top, No Hands Ma and loads of other cool spins, stand ups, extensions, back flips and barrel rolls. - Challenging surfaces! Content with hard-packed and mushy snow, white water rapids and whirlpools, packed dirt and watery mud as you speed down the tracks. - 18 courses in all! Race over terrain studded with trees, rocks, gaps, logs, waterfalls or rapids.

Extreme Sports with the Berenstain Bears

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