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How do we determine Condition?

What does Collector, Gamer & Budget mean?

This console set comes fully cleaned, restored, and ready to play!

Comes with a 1 Year Warranty.


***This console with play Master System cartridges. However, is will not play Sega Cards and is not compatible with the 3D Glasses.***


Why Sega Is The Master Over Every Other System.
Never has so much power, so much memory, been packed into a home video game system.

Graphics and Sounds That Grab You.
You'll see sharp edges, vibrant colors and clever animation. Add synthesized music and sound effects and you've got an on-screen showcase.

Game Play That Challenges You Like Never Before.
Choose from fast-action thrillers, high-speed races, sharpshooting contests, strategic challenges and a lot more.
SEGA knows what it takes to make a great game. Because SEGA has been creating the world's most popular arcade games for over 20 years.
If you've heard of the arcade hits, ZAXXON, FROGGER, or HANG ON, you've heard of SEGA.
And now, SEGA brings their world-renowned technology into your home with an interactive video game system.

Only Sega Gives You Cards And Cartridges.
That means with just one system, you can access two types of software.
No other system gives you that choice.
The SEGA CARD is a software innovation you won't find anywhere else. It's so small, you can carry a couple in your pocket.
Yet each card packs a huge, high-tech memory for graphics and game play that just won't quit.
The COMBO CARTRIDGE memory is 16 times larger than ordinary video games. It gives you innovative color, 3-D animation, and complex game play.

Controllers That Actually Make A Difference!
SEGA's high speed CONTROL PADS put the action in the palm of your hand. Responsive controls let you make all the right moves in an instant.
And when hitting a target is the name of the game, use the hand-held controller: the SEGA LIGHT PHASER. Light sensitive and fire-ready. Just waiting for you to take aim.

Now, there are no limits.

Sega Master System II (PAL)

PriceFrom $119.99
  • Collector comes with

    • Master System Controller (Used Original)
    • AV Cable
    • AC Adapter (Used Original)
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