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 Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball 

Super Nintendo Entertainment System - SNES

Sports - Baseball


It took LJN and Roger "The Rocket" Clemens, the best pitcher in baseball, to bring home the greatest baseball game ever! The view is as good as it gets with true over-the-shoulder in-the-field perspective, amazing close-ups of the close plays, TV style picture-in-picture stats and post-game coverage, and when the going gets rough, check out the pitching and strategy tips from the Rocket himself. You choose your team and manage them through a simulated season, climaxing with a best of 7 championship series, or create your own dream match-ups in exhibition games. It's 1 or 2-player baseball action at its best! Any way you play it's hot! And with the Rocket you'll really feel the heat! -Feel the heat with the best NES baseball game! -Over-the-shoulder-fielding: the most realistic perspective ever! -Close-up plays at the base: players control the slide and tag. -CHOOSE YOUR LINEUP: 26 teams with complete rosters and stats. -LEAGUE PLAY: can your team go all the way?

Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball

SKU: 023582087047
PriceFrom $4.99
  • Not Rated (NR)

    *game release prior to creation of ESRB

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