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 Rugby World Cup 95 

Sega Genesis



He fell for the dummy pass - you're in the clear. One guy to beat. Boom, the fullback flattens you. Next thing you know 15 lunkers create a human mountain over you and are tearing the ball from you with their cleats. No time to cover up, just squirm out and hustle back to your position in the line. No pads, no huddles, no timeouts. No mercy! From the designers of FIFA International Soccer comes the first EA Sports rugby game to combine the hard hitting action of football and the endurance and finesse of soccer. You are on the pitch with the lads trying to kick, ruck, maul, scrum, and dummy your way to the World Cup finals with one of 30 world class teams. Features: - Exclusive World Cup license - 30 international teams, including 15 World Cup 1995 qualifiers - Detailed, realistic player modeling - Teams are accurately recreated, featuring: New Zealand (persennial powerhouse), South Africa, Australia (defending World Cup champs), England (World Cup finalist, 1991) - TV - style camera angles for the most realistic view - Over 2,000 frames of animation - Over 100 player moves - diving, jumping, tackling, rucks, scrums, dropkicks, mauls and lineouts - 4 way play - Customized fields - variable weather + field conditions

Rugby World Cup 95

SKU: 014633074130
  • Not Rated (NR)

    *game release prior to creation of ESRB

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