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 Stealth ATF 

Nintendo Entertainment System

Simulation - Flight Combat


Something Deadly in the Air. The Stealth Advanced Tactical Fighter. America's most guarded military secret. And now you're in the cockpit, ready to unleash the explosive power of the F-117A on rival forces around the world. The mystery is over. And the enemy is toast. The Best Flying Game Ever for the NES! -Full F-F117A aerodynamics. Barrel rolls, 360 degree loops, nose-bleed dives, and screaming banks. -Awesome 2-player dogfights. -The baddest weapons, the toughest enemies, and the hottest explosions. -"Stealth mode" makes you invisible to enemy radar. -Over 100 deadly missions from around the globe. You won't be alone if you hit water. Underfed sharks are sure to attend your burial-at-sea. Keep your nose up, rookie. Fly too low and your Stealth Fighter may become a $2 billion lawn dart. Your stomach just made an illegal U-turn after that last 6g roll. Kick into "Stealth mode" and blast that bogey squadron into scrap metal. Better get your bird off the ground or you'll be shining shoes for the general.

Stealth ATF

SKU: 047875700086
  • Not Rated (NR)

    *game release prior to creation of ESRB

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