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 Steel Talons 

Sega Genesis

Combat - Flight


Fly The Army's Most Advanced Attack Helicopter ...Without Enlisting! Strap on your flight harness and prepare to fly in Steel Talons, the arcade megahit - now for your Genesis! This high-tech combat flight simulator with 360 degree polygon graphics gives you total control of the Army's most advanced attack helicopter. Imagine carrying the awesome firepower needed to complete 12 dangerous missions. Feel your stomach drop as you jerk the stick to avoid anti-aircraft fire, your heart race as you zoom in and lock on hostile targets, and your palms sweat as you fire your missiles and guns to obliterate them! For even more fun, ask a friend to play co-pilot and help you fly so you can really concentrate on blasting away enemy aircraft and tanks!

Steel Talons

SKU: 031763043508
  • Not Rated (NR)

    *game release prior to creation of ESRB

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