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 WCW vs. the World 

PlayStation (PS1)

Sports - Wrestling


HOT WRESTLiNG ACTiON! - Chris Benoit - Lex Luger - Dean Malenko - Ric Flair - Eddy Guerrero - Hulk Hogan Also appearing: Sting, Rick Steiner, Scott Steiner, Ultimo Dragon, Masahiro Chono, Lord Steven Regal...and more! Wrestle the world's toughest WCW Wrestlers. Control non-stop 3-D action in and out of the ring! * 15 of your favorite WCW Superstars * 60 different wrestlers from 6 different organizations * 30 to 40 moves per wrestler * Over 10 hot 3-D arenas

WCW vs. the World

SKU: 752919470138
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